So You Think You Can’t Wear That?

With summer upon us, there are tons of new color trends that will be able to advance your style and bring out the fashionista in you. Some of which, you may think; “How can I pull that off?!” or “What if the trends don’t look good on me?” Well, I am here to help, I believe that all colors in fashion can go with everyone. They will not only make you look good but they will make you feel good too!! Let’s Get StarAll The Shades of Yellow!- Now some people think they cannot work this color no matter what. False!! Yes, you can. There are lots of possibilities when it comes to yellow. Especially when it’s not just one shade but several. You have more to choose from than you realize. One of the prettiest I have seen for this upcoming summer thus far is a beautiful primrose yellow summer dress. With this color, it works with many skin tones. Customizing with a denim jacket, leads to a very pretty but classy summer look with a hint of country!

*Tip: If you want a perfume to go with this particular style, a great one to go for is Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It is light but leaves the perfect amount of fragrance on you and will make your outfit complete with a little spritz!!

I have provided a link underneath so that you can view this lovely fragrance!



Now don’t forget about the shoes! For those who love to wear heels with their outfit, go for it and rock it! For those who don’t, no problem! Flats are a timeless and comfortable shoe for anyone to wear. They won’t mess up your outfit and they will keep your feet painless.

Accessories: With this outfit in particular, it is important to keep it subtle. Nothing loud or crazy to take away from your outfit. A small pair of hoop earrings or even a pair of studs with a single necklace will go very nicely.

All in all, you can wear any shade of yellow and still be beautiful. It doesn’t matter what skin tone you are, there are several shades of yellow to work into your style. No matter how you accessorize, customize or glamorize this color is the hottest color for this upcoming summer. Designer brand or not, you can bring out your fashionista and work anything!


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