Take A Moment For Yourself!

One of the most important things we forget to do in our busy lives, is nourish ourselves. We do not realize how much we put ourselves through on a daily to weekly basis and the negative effects can have a negative impact on us.

This can happen to anyone at any age. Whether you’re a teenager in high school or an adult working full time with a family to support. We don’t realize our limits until the effects of our emotions, stress and abilities take a hard hit. We are not superheroes as much as we wish we could be and that’s okay! What is most important is that we take a moment to nourish ourselves. Doing this will have your body, heart and mind giving you a big thank you!

If you are a teenager in high school, there are challenges you face regardless of what others may think. In high school it’s a time to be involved, think about college, take your SAT’s, get your license, joining a club or sports team, Oh! and don’t forget about studying for finals, prom and graduation———- the list goes on and before you know it you’re already stressed. In addition to that, you also have your personal life to manage outside of school. For some, it can be a very difficult challenge when you have a great deal on your plate. Believe me, I’ve been there and done it all!

One of the biggest things that helped me, is to take a moment away from everything for at least fifteen minutes. For those fifteen minutes, it is perfectly okay to walk away from the overwhelming feelings that can bear down on you. My favorite thing to do when taking that moment was to just sit outside in the sun and relax my mind. It helped a great deal because I was able to become more grounded. Once I returned to my awaiting priorities, I found that the completion went a lot more smoothly. Don’t forget, you are your biggest priority above everything else. In your high school years, there is going to be lots to do, to plan and there may be challenges to face as part of that. You want to take care of yourself before putting everything else in front of you. If others may not understand that, then it is important to be respectful but firm and make clear that you have every right to take a moment to yourself when you are feeling stressed.

The exact same goes for college students as well. Now that they conquered the years of high school, they are now moving on to shape their futures which counts for a large majority of their time and effort. It is not easy. College students may know how to handle their stress due to their high school years but some others may not. Taking time for yourself while also being dedicated promotes better work. Whether you are taking classes online while balancing your career and trying to get ahead of others or on an actual campus college, stress can still become present.

When you are a parent, stress is a definite occurrence. Whether you are a full- time employee working to support your family or are a stay at home parent, regardless there comes more often than not a time to decompress when you are on the clock practically 24/7. When you are a parent, it is important to still be active in your children’s lives because they only stay small for so long. If you find yourself in a position where you are just overwhelmed period, then it is time to take a step back and breathe!

When a parent becomes stressed, this can also impact the child as well. A child is capable of becoming stressed too as they are growing every day and becoming more familiar with the world around them. It is important to take that into consideration. With a child, a healthy choice is to take them to a park where they can play, but do play with them too! This will release any stress that is within the child while they play and they will also enjoy having your full attention as you play with them as you watch them grow.

One of the things you can do to overcome stress by yourself is to take a moment. If you are a mom, go somewhere by yourself for a bit. Whether it may be the store, a drive, over to a friend’s house or even a relaxing bath. It is okay to take a moment to yourself.Mothers are known to carry more weight than fathers. Mothers are the primary caretaker of children, the household and more. For mother’s health and well-being, it is important that they take a break as long as they do not become negligent to their families and responsibilities.

Take time to nourish!




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