DIY: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

We all have those pairs of shoes, those shirts or pants that we get so bored with. Sometimes we just look at them and think “It’s so plain!” yet we don’t really want to spend a ton of money going out to buy something that turns out to be insanely expensive as everything is converting to designer these days.

There is a better(Plus, fun and creative!) way to improve what is ordinary and make it something extraordinary!

Let’s start with a pair of shoes. They might be comfy and all but aren’t as appealing especially if you have a gorgeous outfit you don’t want to diminish. There are creative kits you can buy that are inexpensive and you have a full range to really glamorize all the shoes in your closet where it not only gives life to your outfit but makes you feel good too!

Another trick I learned was if you take an old earring(broken or not) that you do not have any use for, you can hot glue them onto your shoe in your preferred design to add some charm! I tried it with a pair of flats I had that were plain but had a small black leather flower on the side. I took off the backings of an old pair of faux pearl and diamond earrings I had that I was not using anymore and glued them onto the center of the flower along with a little glitter glue to the rims of the leather petals. After I let them dry I instantly fell in love with them more because they turned out to be absolutely stunning! They looked high end and I only spent very little on it using a craft box, a pair of earrings and some hot glue.

Something fun you can do with your children or grandchildren is to buy a small accessory kit or make one of your own. If it is a beautiful summer day or a rainy one, you can spend time with them making beautiful creations out of old shirts or other articles of clothing while having a good time with them! It’s fun, safe and easy to do and I am sure they would enjoy it too as it would give them a chance to express their creativity.

For instance, this is a great tool to use for practice and a quick application:

This is great because it comes with stencils, creative tips and tricks and accessories to help update your style plus its fun!!

This is another craft kit to use that puts on accessorizing studs easily on pants, shirts, any clothing articles of the like with ease. It has the appearance of a sewing machine but the function of a staple gun.

I’ve accessorized lots of my jeans using this kit and its great fun, my favorite place is the pockets and down the side seam.

Now this is a picture for reference, but this is an example of accessorizing a shoe and the transformation similar to what I discussed above:

Beautiful and Unique!

So if you are the crafty type, I highly recommend trying these ideas, it’s great fun! Once you see how you created something bland to beautiful, You will want to do more and expand your creativity!



For yourself or if you have family members birthday’s coming up, here is a link to craft kits that you know they will enjoy!

1.Small Word Toys Fashion Premier Collection Craft Kit


2.Bedazzle Me/Totally Me! Rhinestone Stud Craft Kit







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