Book Review: The Partner Track by Helen Wan

Recently I had gone shopping and being a bookworm, I had gone down the book section to see what books were being displayed. As I do read the popular books, I also love to find hidden gems. So while strolling up and down the aisles, I found “The Partner Track” by Helen Wan.

Plot Summary: Ingrid Yung is employed by a prestigious law firm and is the first in her family, a daughter of Chinese immigrants to become a well-known lawyer. Being the first generation of Chinese-American to obtain such a title of being a lawyer has Ingrid experiencing many other “firsts.” However, when an incident takes place during a company retreat, everything Ingrid has been working for is suddenly put in grave danger including securing a partnership with the firm. In order for Ingrid to save all she has worked for, she is put to the test against her own code of ethics and colleagues that are counting on her to not mess up with securing the biggest partnership of all time. So close to living the American dream to the fullest, is Ingrid really going to risk throwing it all away?

Although this book is not considered a “best seller” on the front lines of literature, I enjoyed reading it immensely. This one had so many enticing twists and turns with each chapter that it was nearly impossible for me to not put the book down. I loved Ingrid’s character! I felt she fit right into the whole storyline of what it is like to chase the American dream but it was also very realistic as far as making high-risk decisions that professionals often endure. Already knowing what happens in the end, I would love if they could make a movie or a novel sequel to The Partner Track in order to take it to the next level and make it even more intense than before.

On a scale of 1/10, 10 being best I would give this book an honest 9. There is a lot to of great learning points in this book to take away from and consider in their professional lives as well, suspense to keep you reading it and plenty of witty humor which keeps the storyline fresh at all times. I hope the author Helen Wan considers a sequel or comes out with more novels. For just being a book on the shelf it was a great read and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. It is available on kindle, paperback and hardcover. I will post the link below so that everyone can have the chance to enjoy book!

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