Mango: The King of Fruit

In yesterday’s blog, I discussed all the health benefits of papaya. Today, I am going to discuss another superfruit that is one of the most popular(and very healthy) that is taking the food market by storm.

Fun fact! Did you know that mangoes grow in the same family as cashews and pistachios?  Their trees can grow up to 100 feet in height.

Mangoes have become an extreme superfruit based on its health-based properties. Today in markets all over the globe, they have become a legendary fruit sold amongst the many others and its only increasing.

Health Benefits:

Approx: 100 calories a cup,  the vitamin C intake promotes a healthy immune system and its function. Along with properties to stimulate collagen formation, it contains 35% of Vitamin A which is important for vision, bone growth, and maintaining healthy mucous membranes and skin. For mucous membranes and skin, mangos contain flavonoids such as betacarotene, alphacarotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin, which helps vitamin A to gain antioxidant strength and vision-protecting properties. Going further, In clinical studies, Mango is proven to help protect your body from lung and mouth cancers.The potassium in mangos is an important cell and body fluid component to help control your heart rate and blood pressure.

Mango is a cancer preventing and fighting fruit!

Along with vitamin C as I have stated, one cup of mangos provides 12% of dietary fiber, This not only helps keep your system running smoothly, but also shortens the amount of time waste spends in your colon, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer. In addition, mangos have also been shown in clinical studies to protect against cancer of the colon, breast, and prostate, as well as leukemia. Several trial studies suggest that the polyphenolic antioxidant compounds in mangos are known to offer protection against breast and colon cancers. Mangoes are a cancer-fighting machine!!!

With the amount of disease preventing properties that mangoes have, please keep in mind that they do not harm normal healthy cells. Just the bad ones! When the properties reach the diseased cells, they immediately start attacking them so that it rids any trace of disease and prevents the disease from returning.

As we are entering the summer months, I love to enjoy a mango smoothie! Here is a recipe I commonly use:


3/4 cups of cold milk (almond milk is okay to use as a substitute!)

1/4 cup of vanilla yogurt

3/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1 1/2 cups of freshly chopped mango

3 ice cubes

Combine all the ingredients into a blender and blend until the smoothie is smooth and creamy. *One thing I like to do, is add a few pieces of sliced banana to the top of the smoothie to garnish!

Beauty Benefits!!!!

Now us queens have to take good care of our hair and skin!

With the king of fruit being mangoes, They are an amazing moisturizer for skin. One of my favorite products is the Aspen unrefined mango body butter. Oh my goodness, does it not only makes my skin breathe and shine like gold but it replenishes and protects it! I swear by this stuff it is heavenly. I also use it before I go out in the sun(don’t worry its unscented) so that it protects from sun damage and when the winters are brutal!!


Mango Butter Pure Raw Unrefined - 16 Oz All Natural Skin Moisturizer with Intensive Healing Properties. Scent Free. Use for Body Butter, Lotion, Moisturizer, Hair, etc. Aspen Naturals Brand

If you like bath sets like I do, I also use the Body Shop sets for baths and showers. Their products are all natural but smell delicious!! I love using these when I am treating myself to a spa day. It feels good knowing I am using healthy products that are benefitting my body and skin, not hurting it!

The Body Shop Mango Beauty Bag



  1. Mango Body Butter

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2. The Body Shop Mango Bath Set






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