The sirens, the smoke, the life and the towers above. What could define Boston more than absolute beauty? People dressed to their best and prepared for the day, an average day may not phase them. For others, it’s a beautiful concrete world that is infested with dreams, endless opportunities and the inner voices that refuse to be quiet.

Amongst the crowd, there are places to be, money to be made, documents to be signed and a life to be lived. Meeting the big city, my eyes were opened more than ever. Watching people in their own little world versus the one I have known for all my life, some may think perceive it to be intimidating while I would rather see more. I can’t help but feel the urge to capture every moment. Concerned that something life changing may be missed. I don’t mind, for each moment I capture it is a keepsake for what may be coming up on the horizon.

Why be sustained only in one place where there is literally a whole entire world to see? The “comfort zone” has now become an inconvenience once I was enticed as to what more life has to offer. There is no need to hide when you have only one life. There is a reason why they say that there is more to life than what is in your own backyard. It has become an imperative aspect.

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I loved seeing the towers where halls of glass and pride are held. The beauty of so many places swirling around you and the sirens that are constant but there saying that there is an urgency to a life that needs to be lived is an amazing sound. The cars and trains passing by with important destinations, the harbor where boats are set to sail to more worlds than we could ever dream and the people that are living every dream ever envisioned.

Being one amongst the crowd, it was a beautiful moment. To walk the grounds with so much history, so many dreams and to be amongst the people who have achieved the impossible gave me a new view on life. I do not want to lose any more time! I need to go after everything I am envisioning for myself, for my life. I am determined to find my place and do incredible things in my life while I am still here on this Earth. There is nothing more important than that.

This photo was taken by my best friend as I was looking out at the Boston Harbor. This one photo captured, I feel says so much within one picture.

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