LadyEmiliaWrites NewsFlash!!

Bear in Virgina locks itself in car and honks the horn to wake up the homeowners.  Goldie Locks please lock your car doors at night so you don’t get carjacked by a bear…

Drunk driver suspect had lizard stuck in her bra. Where did she get a lizard and why was it there??

Woman suing target over damage from runaway concrete ball. When I read this all I can think of is; “I came in like a wrecking baaallllll!!!!”

Scientists catch deer eating human remains. Bambi’s mom is finally getting her revenge!

Rompers for men. More like onesies for men… how is this going to make them look any more manly? I think I would have trouble taking a man seriously if he was talking to me while wearing one. Just sayin…

Brazilian judge demands to be called “your honor” at bakery“Would you like your bread wrapped to keep it fresh your honor?” “How may I help you, your honor?” “Would you like to try one of our best selling pastries your honor?”

This is all I have for now! I hope I will have some more the next round! I hope this made you smile or have a laugh today 🙂






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