Hairstyles for 2017

If you’re a regular visitor to my page, you know that I usually post about beauty, food and fashion. Well today, I thought I would add hair to the routine to spruce things up a bit. We often have an awesome outfit picked out for our day whether it’s a workday or just a meet-up with the girls. Regardless, it’s always important to have your hair on point but comfortable! Here are some hairstyles for this summer that are sure to keep you cool, calm, classy and chic!

Bangs with curls

For those of you who have curly hair, this look is totally possible for this summer and the trick is if you add some of the “Spray it Curly” hair spray to your hair, it will add a perfect hold to your curls.

Medium Length-Layered Chop

This haircut and style is not only classy but because of the layers, it will keep your hair more relaxed throughout the day and your head cooler from the hot sun. This cut and style is perfect especially if you go to the beach because it looks so relaxed and chic. *Fun fact: If you plan on going out into the sun, spritz some lemon juice into several strands of your hair. The vitamin C and the sun’s rays will give your hair all natural highlights*

Asymmetrical Bob with Blunt Ends 

One of the things about this hair style is that it never goes out of style. This look has been around for years and it always looks classy and gorgeous! Victoria Beckam(aka Posh Spice) is known to have worn this hairstyle for many years and still looks fresh no matter the year! Using a sleek and shine hair serum/solution is ideal for this hair style so that your hair maintains its beautiful appeal.

  Victoria Beckham signature bob

Super Straight

I guess I will just get straight to the point with this one (no pun intended!) super straight hair is a style for this summer that although chic, it keeps your hair in place. If you want to achieve this look, I recommend using a hair serum to keep your hair straight and in place before straigtening your hair so that once you finish, your hair will maintain its appearance and not lose its look due to the hot weather.

Now colors are another style that is rapidly growing with each passing month. If you are a person who likes color in their hair, then these are the styles to go for:


Balayage’s are a gorgeous hairstyle, they have a natural appearance that brings life to your hair in so many ways. However, Please, please please keep this in mind: When asking your hairstylist for a balayage, please make sure they know what they are and if they have experience with them. You do not want a hairstylist to be managing your hair, not really knowing what they are doing and giving you a style that has your hair anything but what you asked. Especially being a balayage. If you have a hairstylist that is able to produce this on your hair, then you have a beautiful natural looking style that keeps color and life to your hair and that you will enjoy very much!

Contour Coloring

This look is absolutely beautiful! The way I see it, this style is sort of a combo between a balayage and an ombre.Highlighting specific sections of your hair can extenuate your facial features. This trend is becoming one of the hottest this year in hair fashion and honestly looks beautiful so why not give it a try? According to stylists, this look is meant to enhance the appearance of your hair as well as giving definition to both your hair and your facial features just like what contouring with makeup would.



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