Take A Moment To Give Back

Something was brought to my attention this week and it really made me sit back and think for a moment. I am hoping my fellow bloggers will spread the word and take this into consideration. We need to take action more than ever. Not only in regards to what is happening in the world around us but also because this is our one chance at life and one that we can make strong.

We wake up for a normal day, we don’t give it a second thought when we are having our morning coffee or are getting dressed for work or school. We don’t realize how fortunate we are to have that kind of thinking that nothing bad could ever happen. When it absolutely can. We also do not realize how much power we have to make decisions. Decisions that can help another person, your relative, your friend, even a neighbor or a struggling co-worker. There is no ignorance in giving back, unless you think and believe that you are entitled. What you sow is what you will reap and those are the repercussions you will face.

It is one thing when you have people who are struggling to do their best to make it through but it is another to have children innocently suffer through when they should be enjoying their childhood. When I say “struggling” I am not only talking about falling on financial hardships but I am also speaking on the fact that there are children who are diagnosed with life-threatening cancers, children who are being bullied, having family issues, the list goes on. This is becoming way too much of a common occurrence that is taking away from what they should be enjoying in their childhood.

Grown people are another focus as well. Children need their parents just as much as parents need their children, grown or not. In addition to illnesses, to go through a day where the ability to provide is growing slimmer, we need to change that for the better. There is so much we can do to help that. Cliche or not, look in your pantry, what you can you donate? How much money can you take out of your expenses or budget to buy goods that can help? Try it, you’d be honestly surprised how much $10 can go. Food, toiletries, and clothes are always needed. How about your closet? I am sure there is a young girl out there who would love to wear one of your dresses that you don’t wear anymore or a young man who would like to wear a nice shirt to get to an interview so he can have a chance at life. Try it, you’d be honestly surprised how much $10 can go. Food, toiletries, and clothes are always needed. Sadly, we think that it is a one-way street. We help one person and it stops there. No. That is not always the case. The girl you just gave your dress to that you don’t need anymore is going to give her dress to the next girl who is in need. The man you just gave a shirt to for his interview, will be able to provide for himself, his family and give back to the people that he was once in the shoes of.

Looking into your expenses, how much are you able to put aside for a child who needs treatment for their illness? You do not need to donate a body part unless you, yourself want to do so as a personal contribution. That is always needed but an extremely personal choice. If you can donate about $20 to someone who is doing their best to fight their illnesses like the battles we are fighting in the world right now, you are helping them fight too. You have a part in it and have a hand of saving their life. It’s not just the doctors that we give the credit to, you have a part in this as well. It goes a long way. If the $20 cannot be for the fight, let it be for the bliss they will feel if their last wish is to see Disney World. It is a better feeling to see them happy through all they have gone through and have just one more day than to sit back and be doing nothing!

In addition, we have the topic of education. For children who are fortunate to attend school, they deserve the best education out there and for those who are not as fortunate they deserve equally the same education. Stop with the ridiculous judgment of children who are at school but are having a hard time financially with lunches. Let the child go to school, let them eat and let them succeed at the chance they have in life. Sustenance which is vital for a child’s overall health and well-being should not be even questioned or taken away from them while at school. It is a child who has way more of a benefit than some of the generations that are ahead of them by several years. Children need all that they can get to live life, much of which is what we all deserve but ultimately they will be the ones that will improve life in a healthier way.

There are many foundations you can contribute to both in your community and internationally. While you can be dropping off food supplies at your local food pantry to help families in need of groceries, you can be sending off a good cause to the American Cancer and Heart Societies or to countries overseas especially for medical procedures people may need. You can donate supplies to education, over 90,000 schools to be exact still do box tops for education and are highly appreciative of parents and community locals who reach out. Just look on the boxes of goods you buy when grocery shopping, cut them out and bring them in where they will accept them.

Here are some of the foundations and societies that are driven to help communities who are dedicated and will stop at nothing to achieve their goal at helping those in need.

Make a Wish Foundation: This foundation is driven to help children who have terminal illnesses such as certain childhood cancers have their last wish granted while they are still alive. They strictly rely on donations for achieving each child’s wish so that people will take a moment and make a contribution to a child in need and can become involved in making a child very happy. They service wish trips to any place a child dreams of going while being able to experience all the joy their heart desires, giving them another chance at life while receiving treatment for their illness.

The American Heart Association: The country’s oldest and largest voluntary organization that is driven to help fight heart disease and strokes. Founded in 1924, the organization has over 22.5 million volunteers and supporters.The organization funds innovative research, fights for stronger public health policies and provides critical tools and information to save and improve lives. The American Heart Association is also the nation’s lead training in CPR education while promoting the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

St.Jude Children’s Hospital: The mission of this hospital is to advance cures and prevention through pediatric research and treatment. Brought by founder Danny Thomas, the main goal of St.Jude is that no child is denied medical treatments based on their race, religion or a family’s ability to pay. Their main focus is to emphasize the treatment for each child so that ultimately, their health improves in the care of the hospital while the parents have peace of mind that their child will be cared for by top of the line doctors without any financial concerns. Many volunteers can contribute by donations in helping children beat their childhood cancers and provide comfort for their parents so that their child is receiving the best treatments possible.


American Cancer Society: The American Cancer Society, has a mission to free the world from cancer. They fund and conduct research, sharing top of the line information and expertise, supporting patients and spreading the word about prevention. They take volunteers with great honor especially if they honoring a cancer survivor or loved one currently fighting the battle. They host wonderful events to help fight cancer by many causes such as Relay for Life where you walk with you or a team and help raise money for those in treatment or in tribute of a loved one and advocacy where you can become an activist in helping prevent cancer-causing illnesses and spread awareness to the community.

Free Rice: A non-profit website that is owned by the United Nations World Food Programme. Their mission is to provide free education to children in poverty stricken countries and provide food to promote the end of world hunger. By answering trivia questions, every correct answer fills a bowl with rice which feeds someone suffering from hunger. The game has various levels from easy to difficult varying on how many answers you submit correctly. The game is rated appropriate for everyone to play so children, parents, doctors and retirees can play this educational game for a good cause!

Box Tops For Education: By purchasing a variety of boxed or canned goods, the labels contain box tops that are usually pink, rectangle and have the word box top across it. By cutting these out and bringing them into your school by the sandwich bag full, you are providing funding to your school to help with supplies and activities that your school may be struggling to fund. Over 90,000 schools participate in the box top program each year and are always appreciative of the parents and community locals that bring them in. There have been countless educational trips, activities, and supplies given to schools providing a better educational experience for your child.

There are lots of organizations to contribute to. Your presence means so much to so many of these hard working organizations and it makes such a difference. All it takes is a bit of your time and effort and you can help someone no matter how near or far they may be. Every bit helps. These are just a few organizations but I encourage everyone to look around your community and see where you can help. So many people may join you in your effort and together you have the ability to take life and make it stronger for everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post today, I hope you all take a moment and consider taking action in helping those in need. I feel it is important to really help because it can go a long way.



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