LadyEmiliaWrites Favorite Beauty Tips and Tricks!!

Hey all, Being a bit of a beauty guru I have many tips and tricks that I learned throughout the years that I think you would love to know too and have decided to share! These have been a major help in fixing minor flaws or improving my appearance at last minute and has changed the way I get ready for the day. I hope you enjoy!

1.White Eyeshadow

White eye shadow is an awesome option when you really want your eyes to stand out. By layering your lid with white eye shadow and then adding the colors that you want, you are enhancing the definition of your eyes. Also, by using the white eyeshadow, it will keep the other colors from rubbing off before the end of the day. To bring your eyes out more, make a vertical V-shape starting from the outer corner of your eyelid and connecting to your browbone for more of a defined yet highlighted look.

Applying Your Concealer In A Triangular Shape

Concealing imperfections on your face or under your eyes is much easier when you apply concealer properly. One way of applying concealer to these areas is in a dotting motion. This works for some but what I learned is to apply the concealer in a triangle shape. Just dot it on under your eyes and blend downward in the triangle shape. It will perfectly cover up those dark circles and bags and give you the look that you want.

This picture is a great example because some of us want to hide either dark circles or smooth out the coloration of skin under our eye area. This technique works much better because the triangle not only gives a better definition to your under eye area but you are more gentle around the area hence if you were to do the small dot technique which tends to be slightly more harsh near that area.

DIY Gel Eyeliner

If some of you like to get creative with your makeup, there is a way to make your own homemade gel eyeliner and it is very simple! Gel eyeliner is one of my favorite eyeliners to use. It is a great way to make your eyes look fierce! What I love more is that gel eyeliner tends to last longer than the traditional eyeliner pencils. However, Gel eyeliners can be a little more expensive than pencils. So, I discovered how to make your own. All you need to do is take a lighter and carefully heat the end of any eyeliner pencil to create a gel eyeliner, let it cool for about 15-20 seconds and apply! You now have a homemade gel eyeliner that looks great and will last all day.

Longer Lasting Lipstick

Ever have that gorgeous color you just could stare at all day? The worst part is going about your day and realizing that your lipstick has either rubbed off or just has become dull as the day progresses. Here is an easy fix for that! All you need is a Kleenex tissue and a bit of translucent powder. After you have applied your favorite lipstick, just hold the tissue over your lips lightly and dust just a bit of translucent powder over the tissue. This helps to set the lipstick so that it lasts longer.

Get Fuller Lips Using Shadow

As crazy as it may sound, it actually works and no- it does not cross contaminate if you do it the right way. Using a pale, frosted eye shadow is works as an awesome highlight for your lips if you want them to look more full. Apply your lip color as normal and then using a Q-Tip go over it with a frosted shadow. The frost is more on the thick side of eyeshadow so it will give your lips a luscious full look when you just dab it on over your lipstick.

Make Your Waves Last Longer

Don’t let your waves become dull, one of my favorite ways to make my waves last longer is a simple task. Tight braid your hair and then apply a heated flat iron over your hair and hairspray it after so that it holds, release your braid so that your waves flow out and then do a quick finishing spray and your waves will last longer and still look beautiful!

This will be your finishing look!

Low on Lip Gloss

When you are running low on your favorite lip gloss, there is a quick fix to this so don’t throw out your tube! Simply place the closed gloss stick in a mug of warm water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. The heat will melt any gloss on the sides of the container and you’ll have more to use!

Curling Your Lashes The Easier Way

By taking a hair dryer and blowing the hot air over your eyelash curler for about a minute is a great way to curl your lashes and have it hold longer. Just be careful!



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