Be Inspirational!

Every day there is something we can improve. Whether it may be a skill or a lifestyle, for some of you, you may think “oh easier said than done!” but that is not always the case. The key is to start with little changes and then move on to the bigger things. It keeps your plate balanced and you do not get overwhelmed but not only are you making improvements but you also have the power to be inspirational to others that could be watching.

Now, there are some people who think they are better than others no matter what and sadly, sometimes that mindset will never change. Having that perspective is an issue because it is unhealthy in a personality. It will lead them to think if they are “all that”, then people owe them something for basically their existence. They become very self-conceited no matter how “nice” they may come across as. Truth is, they are not nice at all. This is an example of what not to do because it is not setting up a positive image to be a potential inspiration to some who may be watching. It is setting up a toxic persona that could increase to become a vicious mentality. It is one thing that leads to a chain reaction.

That being said; Instead of being the latter, if you are truly just wanting to lift people up but not exactly knowing where to begin or wanting to build more in being an inspirational and motivational empire to others, there are several points to consider!

Do Work That Makes A Difference: This is a vital move in becoming an inspiration where the phrase “actions speak louder than words” comes into play. The work you put in, thankless or not it will be noticed and you will be rewarded more than you realize. No matter the difficulty, take it on as a personal challenge. There is nothing wrong with trying something that gets you out of your comfort zone. For all you know, you could actually exceed your expectations and it will push you to do more than ever where it really makes a difference in your life for the better. When you take on work that makes a difference, it does not mean you have to do it alone, you can absolutley get a “team” together and commit to the work together so that it makes a larger movement. The more people you get together, the more positive movements you will make. Each person who is with you will create their own perspective and because of the work you are all putting in, they will be able to take their own positive perspective and pass it on.

Take Time To Listen More: When taking the time to listen more, it is a two way street. The person you are listening to will know you have their 100% full attention. With that, they are more apt to open up to you more and express more of their thoughts and feelings and on your end, you will be able to create a better takeaway of what they are saying. Whether it is a family member or friend, it is important that you take the time to listen more because it has the potential to help them it could also help you too. Just by listening more, whether it may be for five or twenty minutes longer, it really makes all the difference in the world. You have the chance to learn more than you realize and apply it to your life or pass it on to another person that could help them in a time of need.

Drop The Title! Plain and simple, drop the title. A title does not define you, a title is never going to save you. It is just a temporary thing that is not going to last forever. I find that this has become such a problem in the world we live in today. Those who have a title think that they are not to be defined but they define the ones who are minorities in their lives. Oy vey people! You are exactly the same people and the like at the end of the day when you come home and if you were stripped of your title, you’d be surprised how much less you would have in your life. Spare the title pride and drop it! It is never going to help you in the long run. Now don’t get me wrong, it is great to be happy and proud of what you do! By all means be happy about how far you have climbed to reach where you are. There is no shame in that. However, if it is occupying your life of every minute that you live and breathe then there is a problem. That is the start of how people become self conceited, greedy, arrogant, the list goes on of all the evils. Before you know it, irreplacable ties are severely strained, lifestyles are changed and respect is lost. By dropping the title, it makes you a better person because people will be more open to respecting you for what you do and how good of a person you really are just by not letting your title get to you. This is so important because unfortunately, our society neglects to take this into consideration.

Focus On Strengths: More often than not, we target more of peoples weaknesses than we do their strengths. By reversing this process, if we learn to focus on the strengths of you or a specific individual, it will do alot more good. For instance, if you work in an organization and you have a colleague that is showing deficiencies in their work, it would be better to make it a point to target what their strengths may be in the organization rather than berate them on their obvious levels of deficiencies.

A way to approach your colleague is by redirecting them low key so that they will actually correct what they may be doing wrong. For instance, if they are in charge of a certain area of an organization and you have experience in that area, then redirect by saying something like “You know, I noticed this new strategy ad I thought I might pass it on to you if you ever think you might want to try it in the near future.” and then proceed to show them what the strategy may be or “I really admire how you demonstrate [Insert colleague’s point of strength] I would really like if I could see more of [mentioned strength] I think it would be a great benefit to the team!” Using this as an example,by promoting their strengths they will actually work harder because primarily they want to do better. Within time, it will begin to show improvement on their position. If you were to berate them based on what they may be lacking, then their self-esteem will be lowered, they will feel they do not as good of a job and they may feel more like a burden to the company rather than a reliable and successful employee. By taking the time and focusing on their strengths you will see it will do a great deal of good.They will learn from their mistakes and the way you redirected them, they will be able to take that with them and use it in the future or pass it on. Now if you do not run an organization and if you are a parent, teacher,nanny or even a friend do the same thing in focusing on their strengths. Ultimatley, it will lead to more of a beneficial outcome on both ends.

Study For An Hour or Two A Day: An extremely beneficial thing to do for you! Just for an hour or two a day, learning something new can bring you a long way. Try a new language, study a free course online you have been wanting to try, practice something in art that you have always wanted to try. All it really takes is just an hour or two a day to study and learn something that you have always wanted to do. Practice makes perfect so by studying just for these few hours little by little you will see yourself start to improve. Soon you will have mastered what you have been studying and apply it. For all you know, by trying something new and taking the time to master it, it may become one of your greatest strengths. By documenting what you have learned as one of your greatest strengths, you have just furthered your success and that will bring you far!  The best part of it all is the pure happiness you will have once you have mastered what you have studied.

Lift People Up, Do Not Tear Them Down: Please listen to me and please obey me when I say this, Stomping out someone else’s fire will not ignite yours to shine brighter!  With that being said, please keep that in mind. We all have prideful moments where we do not want someone to impede on that moment but if they do, do not become vicious. We all have competition between us. That is human nature to have that and we have to learn to accept that. If someone is happy about something they have achieved, may it be graduating college at a later time, becoming engaged or anything that truly makes the other person happy, do not be a jerk and say something that will make them feel less than or take away their joy. Instead, people will look at you in disgust and think “Wow, you are pathetic to bring it to that level.” Do yourself a favor and keep it to yourself if you have any comments. If you find that you honestly can’t, then excuse yourself and leave immediatley. No one should be made to feel awful when they are doing their best to be happy and progress in life.

What you should do, is lift them up. Be genuinely happy for them because of what they have done or how far they have come. It is a time to be happy, even if that means you push differences to the side for the moment. They woke up this morning so incredibly happy because of their accomplishments that it is overwhelming enough. Lift them up, say “congratulations!” or “I am truly happy for you!” Hearing them say that from you, will make them feel happier and better about themselves because they know they have your support even if it is just that one sentence. It is very important to lift up rather than tear down because it will make you a better person and we need more people who lift in the world. It will provide them with confidence, security, energy and future success. They will do the same to others who need to be lifted. No matter the circumstances it is imperative that you set the pace and lift others up, it is needed more than realized. Do not tear them down because you wouldn’t want to be torn down either. Ignite the uplifting energy and spread it to the people who need it and mean it with all of your heart!!

Be True To Yourself. – In this crazy world, it is moreso trying to make you like everyone else. Don’t. To be like everyone else is really boring and dying out. Nobody wants a copy of a person its not real at all and it is not worth it because you will end up missing out! Instead, Find your courage to be your phenomenal self.  It is important to embrace the individual that is inside you that has thousands of ideas, adventures, strengths and beauty like no one else. You were born as you so be the person you know yourself to be. It is your chance to be the best version of you but on your terms. If you cannot put your full heart in it(and I mean 100%) then take yourself out of it. It is imperative. It will not always be easy but if you learn and be true to yourself the only challenge present is learning to walk a lifetime, comfortably in your own while living in a world of copycats. You will stand out as the original and that is beautiful!

Do What You Love! Take part in something you love and believe in. Taking an active role in something you love will bring you happiness. Join anything you have your heart set on! Form an activity in your community that will get the whole town involved. Join a place of religion so you can grow and express your faith, Become an artist and show your pieces at a local art show, Volunteer to write a newspaper column and get your voice out there. Contribute yourself to anything you want to do. There is one condition though,whatever you decide to do make sure you do it with all the passion in your heart! By doing this, you will bring so much inspiration to others that they will follow what you are doing and take lead in their own way in doing what they love too!

Share The Lessons Of Your Successes/Failures. We are not perfect, but what you can be is a valuable resource to those around you.  If you have access to essential information, share it openly.  You have so much to share and there are people willing to listen and learn. It is important to dig into and mine the rich experiences you had in your life and share your wisdom from your unique point of view. Its valuable because its your voice and point of view.Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Open up and be willing to share your failures, your successes and your failures that have turned into surprise successes. Once you open up to others and express your point of view you will be suprised how others will relate to you.  They will be afforded more of an understanding that they’re not the only ones with challenges. Together you will be able to grow. You will learn to use your voice and they will learn to grow from their experiences!

There are many ways to be inspiring. Primarily, you have to find yourself first and that is the most important because upon finding yourself you will be able to do so much more and others will follow your lead in finding themselves and becoming their own sources of inspiration and they will pass that on. It is a wonderful thing to be an inspiration. It is an honor because someone is watching you and wants to fall in to what you do but in their own way and grow. Be inspiring but most of all, be YOU.

Thank you for reading 🙂




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