Best Lip Shades For Summer!

We all have a favorite go-to lip color that makes us feel like we are shining! It is amazing how a little pop of color can go a long way. Now think this, what if there is another color that can possess more fuller, colorful, gorgeous lips that can serve you more than what your favorite can do now? There are beautiful colors this summer that you may be missing out on that you have to see and here they are!

Cherry Red! 

Cherry red is a timeless color that we have seen Marilyn Monroe wear religiously. The color itself brings your lips to their full volume in fullness and color. This color is best for fair to olive tone skin. Now women who have darker toned skin can still wear this color, however, the trick is to go just one shade darker. This way you are able to use the color to its full benefit!

Deep Plum 

Deep Plum is a gorgeous shade to wear, especially if you are one who likes to go outside the comfort one of color. This lip shade gives women a fullness to their lips while adding a bit of sensuality while keeping it classy. Now the only thing with this color is that you have to find the deep plum. Any other shade outside of this color is going to be too purple or too blue and you don’t want that. You want more of a deep plum to burgundy color to stay in. This color is great especially if you are going for a night out with the girls or just having a day of fun!

Fuschia Pink!

Fuschia Pink! For those of us who are familiar with the early 2000’s, this color was HOT!  During its reign, it was known as “bubble gum pink” but is now making a come back with more of the mature name of “Fuschia Pink”. Regardless of its hiatus, this color shade is a perfect choice especially for attending those summer cookouts, enjoying your vacation in the islands and hanging out at all the pool parties. This color will do you some serious justice by making your lips look juicier and full of life. Time to color it up and show off that shade of pink we all love!

Dusty Pink! 

Taking it down a notch or two from the fuchsia and cherry red lipsticks, if you want to go more subtle then Dusty Pink and Rose shades colors are the way to go. Especially in late August of this year, this color will be the best as we will soon be reaching the fall months. Staying on track for this summer, however, this color is the best for those who like to add beautiful full richness to their lips but without all the bright, colors. Dusty pink is classy, chic and full of summer life that is ready to grace your lips no matter the occasion!

Red Wine!

My absolute favorite!! The lip shade of red wine is by far the most beautiful. From yours truly, I personally like a lip shade that speaks my personality. Red-wine speaks that you like mystery, direct communication, and class. All great qualities of course. I love this shade because all women can wear this color and also it is timeless. You can wear it formally or just for yourself and it never dulls. Now if you follow my blog, a few weeks ago I posted a blog about makeup tips and tricks. Here is one especially for this type of color. On the bottom lip add a little shimmery eyeshadow to your inner bottom lip. What this does is add some definition to your lips. After adding your bit of shimmer, apply a coat of clear gloss so that it not only seals the bit of shimmer but also completes your look. This will make your lips look full, rich and classy…with a *little* bit of sassy!

Use this picture for reference when you want to add a little shimmer!



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