Bath & Body Works Favorites!

We all know while cruising through the mall we cannot resist that one store…you know which one i’m talking about! Bath & Body Works of course!!

Whenever I am on a shopping spree, I always make it a point to spend (no pun intended) quality time at BBW smelling their new scents, getting back in touch with some former favorites and ensuring that whichever one(s) I choose, I smell good and feel beautiful!

One thing I love most about BBW is that I love how there is always a scent that just screams YOU! It makes it so special!

I have a few… okay at least fifty favorite scents that I absolutely am in love with but I narrowed it down to about ten. This is a time I wish we can sample the scents through the screen. Here we go!

  1. Live Fresh: Seaside Breeze

This one I recently just bought and I am absolutley obsessed with this scent! It smells so good and it is perfect for this summer. I got this one during one of their massive sales and I am happy I did because it has become number one in my collection. I would describe this one as filled with summer excitement! Just by the scent alone it is great for any day and does not wear off fast at all it stays on for a very long time.

2. Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast is lovely! It is so light and sweet but is not overbearing at all, it is perfect especially for a night out. It has a light floral scent with a touch of grapefruit which makes it all the more intoxicating! If you are the vivacious type then this is truly a scent to try as it has all the qualifications of smelling great for hours on end!

3. Sensual Amber

I love this one especially if you want a little night time fragrance before going to sleep. This one is timeless so you can wear it any season! I love this one because its fragrance is light but also relaxing, making you feel like silk with a hint of mystery to your night! It has everything you need for a perfect evening of relaxation and more.

4. Get Happy!

It speaks for itself! I love, love, love this scent for early morning! Get Happy has a peach/vanilla scent to it and matching it with its lotion is an awesome way to say good morning to the world! This scent goes with more of the spring and summer season and is proven to lighten your spirit as soon as you put it on. Just like the sun, I feel whenever I put this one on it ignites a morning glow on my skin and mood with its beautiful aroma. It is an awesome set to awaken your senses with in the dawn and like above, the sensual amber for night time ensures an amazing combination!

5. Beautiful Day

I will never forget the day this scent became a favorite! Storytime: I was in the middle of yoga class and my friend who was sitting beside me was wearing this particular fragrance. So in the middle of our plank position I asked her “What fragrance is that?!” and she said “It’s Beautiful Day!” by the time we switched into a tree pose, I realized I had to make it a mission to get this one because it was a particular fragrance I had been looking for but could never find until I came across that one and I was determined not to lose it! Once I got this set I was hooked! It stood front and center in my collection and I use this one sparingly as it is light it is also meant for a spring and summer season! It is amazing!

6. A Thousand Wishes

This set is a dream come true and believe me if I could make a thousand wishes, It would be to get a lifetime supply of a thousand wishes! This is a classic scent that can be worn all year around and never wears out. Its fragrance is light but has a hint of sassy to it so being one that has a little bit of sassiness to herself, this scent is an awesome scent to add to your collection as it adds some life to the party with its champagne and floral scent. I love wearing this one especially on the holidays because not only does it make you feel good but it makes you happy too!

7.Japanese Cherry Blossom

A fragrance that is classy as ever! It keeps you going throughout the day until you can finally relax! I love using this scent especially after a bath or shower, it locks in the moisture and keeps your skin hydrated and fresh! With its light scent, it stays on for a long time and just overall is wonderful to wear. I love wearing this scent all year around there is no particular season where you can wear it for only a certain time. It is relaxing, classy,mysterious,energizing and romantic which it makes one of the most exciting scents of all time!

8. Cashmere Glow(retired)

I was so sad when I found out that this scent retired. What I loved most about this scent is during the winter when the days would get brutally cold, this fragrance had the ability to fill my senses with warmth! Swirling with the aroma of vanilla it was a fragrance perfect for the holidays, the cold winter and the times where the days felt unbearably long. Whenever I had the chance, I would just put this set on from head to toe and I would automatically be relaxed and comfy. Who doesn’t want that in their fragrance?! I will miss this set very much as it was truly a favorite and hopefully maybe one day they will bring it back!

9. Endless Weekend 

I got this scent when I was leaving for a weekend getaway(literally!) and I just happened to grab this scent at random and realized what its name was as soon as I took it out of the bag. This fragrance has such a beachy scent to it but it is filled with all the things a weekend should have; fun,adventure and relaxation too! It is medium scented and of course stays on for a long time. It is not too heavy, not too light just right! I use this scent usually throughout the day now just as a pickmeup and I love it!

10.Pink Chiffon

This set is so much fun! If you are going out with your girls or to the mall or anywhere really, this set is perfect! It has a floral scent to it but a floral scent you are sure to love. It is one of those scents you just want to be surrounded by 24/7. I love wearing this scent when having a day out with the girls. It keeps us going and smelling great and we do turn a few heads with this one too! I heard it might be going into retirement but am not so sure. I hope not! It is a great fragrance to wear all the time and is sure to complete your look or as a pickmeup througout the day.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all enjoyed this post! Please let me know what BBW fragrances and sets are your favorite so that I can try new ones and add to my ever growing collection! Love you all!



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