LadyEmilia’s Little Secrets: Why I Started Blogging and My Mission…

Close the curtains!!

Lock the Doors!!

It is time to reveal LadyEmiliaWrites Little Secrets!!

Now don’t get too excited these are only secrets that surrounds the contents of my blog šŸ˜‰

Okay now to start this is all for fun! It will probably answer some of your questions if you ever why I started blogging, how I was inspired, my main mission, plus cooking secrets are included in this too as this post progresses! So let’s have fun and begin!

I began blogging I think in late April. I started because initially being a business major in college, I wanted to see how the world of media worked in the industry. When I began blogging, my main focus was to try and see how I could learn from it and build on to my portfolio.

Well little did I know that once I began, it would totally change the game. I learned a great deal of building a website and having a wonderful audience but what is more, I felt that through blogging I had the power to potentially help or inspire someone who reads my work. Right then, that became my main mission.

With the content of what I write, I am hoping that I can reach out to someone in the audience that will help or inspire them in their life. I have fallen completely in love with blogging for that matter because I would love to have that effect on someone in such a positive way that they are able to live their life a healthier way and be happy. My favorite things to write about are my faith and cooking. One depends on another. By spreading positivity and living a life of prayer, I am able to bring a happier presence to those who may be struggling in various areas of their life. It is important to me to have a spiritual basis because I can understand more of the beautiful things life has to offer and in return to those who are struggling, I can help bring them into the light of life and they can see the good of living. Whenever I blog about cooking, I have so much fun with that because food is always going to be something that is going to be put on the table every

Whenever I blog about cooking, I have so much fun with that because no matter what, food is always going to be something that is going to be put on the table every night. When I think of that, I think of family time. Family time is filled with the discussion of the events that happened throughout the day, laughter and just an hour of truly meaningful time that should never be wasted. What makes that complete is having a delicious dinner to compliment that hour. I always try to go above and beyond what typical dinners have to offer by adding more color and flavor to your cuisine in a virtual way.

With these two combined, I like to think of it as food for the soul. No matter what, there is always going to be something filled whether it may be your heart or stomach. These two organs are the most important because it affects your way of living. If you are not kind to yourself where the world is a cruel place, then your heart suffers the damage. If there is no family time, food is not enjoyed or becomes so mundane. When I emphasize these two topics on my blog, I am with good reason because I am passing on the hand that there will be food for thought and food in your stomach from that delicious dish you made! This is why I love blogging so much.

Soooo I bet you are wondering what are some of my cooking secrets?? Okay, Okay I will tell you!

  1. If you are cooking a dish with lots of vegetables, to maintain their bright color it is wise to put them in ice cold water and let them soak for a few moments after boiling them.
  2. Recipes are only a guideline…not a law! I know I post alot of recipes on here but you do not always need to stick to what the text says, it is your dish so feel free to change up the ingredients you feel is necessary!!
  3. Freeze leftover sauces (it will happen trust me!) from previous meals that way if there is another dish you are making in the future you can save time by saving that portion. Just thaw and go! Same goes for stock if you are going to use it for soups later. It is wise to put it in plastic bags that way you have it prepared already.
  4. Add a touch of cream when cooking cauliflower and a little salt. It will keep it white and be a highlight in your dish
  5. Add parsley and garlic to chickenĀ 15 minutesĀ beforeĀ breading and cooking. These two spices will soak into the chicken and have a delicious flavor once it’s finished cooking.




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